Catalogs are meant to show our product with additional info like price, materials, etc.
We have printed and PDF versions available for each type of product we sell; please contact us to ask for your copy. Additionally, below, you will find links to online galleries with photo's of our products.

This page is still under construction, please come back soon ... in the meantime have a look at our gallery : gallery furniture at Furniture-HQ .

We've split up our products into various categories:

Traditional Chinese furniture and antiques

It is not always easy to keep a live catalog of the stock, surely if it are one-of items like antiques. But does keep an updated stock of what is available in the factories we cooperate with.
Please have a look and do not hesitate to ask for a login and password, so can you can see prices and start pre-selecting items into your container order.

asian home deco chinese antiques and classic furnitureYou know that Asia Home Deco specializes in sourcing the items you need. But it's more than    sourcing, AHD offers a full package that also includes bargaining, QC, logistics, etc ... AHD charges a service fee based on a percentage on the product price.

Stock items

In this gallery you can see all the items which are currently available from our warehouse in Beijing.

Tibetan ... French Repro ...

Brand catalogs

For the brands we represent we have bilingual catalogs. Most of these items are available but need to be ordered. Please contact us when you need any of these:

D&M , BLISS, ...


Besides what is available in stock, you can also have a look at the following:
Worldwide Ethnic Styles
We continuously import from the best sources available in the countries of origin.
This is a rotating stock: we do not specifically have these items in stock, but usually get similar pieces delivered on a regular basis.

Indian ... Tunesian ... South American ... European Antiques
Contemporary Styles
Special series of contemporary furniture, made at partner-factories in China. We hold a some basic stock, but normally orders have a lead time from 2 to 8 weeks.

Icon furniture ... Industrial ...

Specific products

Besides our furniture we run some other specific products. We usually have smoe stock, but the items here are just examples:

Rugs and Carpets .... Artificial flowers ...

Special offers

Here's what we have in "sales"

French Repro Collection

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15% discount on listed price if you order at least 25000 USD from that collection.