CIFF 2012 : Canton Furniture Fair March 18 - 21

It was the first time that KNG Asia went to a fair with the concept of FHQ. Our booth (Hall 1, 1.15) was basically split up in 3 parts. Our 2 main clients, D&M depot and BLISS respectively took 50 and 35% of the space, which left about 25 SQM to display some other other styles and brands inside FHQ.

  Furniture-HQ's ethnic series were still in a start up phase. We displayed mainly collection from India, Tibet and Asian Home Deco.
For our partner for carpets and rugs the fair was a tremendous success, he's able to offer the sharpest prices by getting them at the source in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc ...
We added a taste of France with our French wooden flooring of Chene de l'Est and the reproduction furniture of Henryot.

The majority of visitors were active in the interior design business and were glad to see the concept that will make it possible for them to source at 1 big warehouse the many various brands and styles.

It was important to show our clients that we can bring them to the major fairs in China, the main window to the market. Even with a small budget we can arrange to showcase your small brand on a few square meters in our FHQ booth.

The major part of the booth was dedicated to D&M depot. We succeeded to show D&M depot in it's grandeur as international buyers know them from Maison&Objet or the Frankfurter Messe.
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  Carlos Baladia came with his BLISS collection to FHQ and we've created the well known concept, but in a 2-room version: one black, one white.
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