Tibetan furniture and deco

Tibetan furniture has since always been traded a lot by AsianHomeDeco. The furniture is made by Tibetan craftsmen who master the specific techniques. Beijing has always been one of the main areas to supply good quality Tibetan furniture, but since short before the 2008 Olympics quite a few workshops have closed down. Furniture HQ was able to buy some stock from those workshops, and kept a good relation with the Tibetan managers, so that we do still get good furniture supplied.

Tibetan Antiques

Don't be fooled, there's only a few real Tibetan antique pieces left, and if you find one, the price will confirm that.
But there's a lot of good reproduction with a nice antique-looking finish applied on it. There's also items where the furniture or wood underneath is older but paint is new.
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tibetan antiques drum tantra
tibetan deco mask

We have had some items that have been really used in the Himalaya region, but therefore they are not "antique".

Levels of craftsmanship

There can be quite some price differences, and that's obvious if you look at the detail of painting and carving.

The "artisanal" way of making the finish, is by gluing on the wood a cotton cloth with the traditional paintings. This can sometimes be seen a little on the borders of the wooded panels.
Cheaper items, which are actually "copy's" of the Tibetan style, are not more than only a simply layer of painting on the wood directly. The paint will often have much less texture. It can be compared to painted Chinese furniture from the South, with a very flat finish..
tibetan cabinet carving border
The borders of the better Tibetan furniture is often carved heavily in tiny cubic patterns.
No need to explain the amount of work that is involved in that.

Other price deciding argument are: the use of silver plates (more expensive), the detail in the painting (sometimes need master-painter, for many hours), the quality of used wood (there's a lot of crap!),...

Our stock

In our Tibetan Galleries you can see over 400 photo's of furniture we have in stock.

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Also see: www.tibetan-furnitures.com

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Tibetan for you

There's only a few buyers of full containers Tibetan art. But there's also only few who don't add some Tibetan style to their mixed container.

tibetan trunk furniture

It can give more variety and color to your shop and your customer's home! Tibetan cabinets might seem flashy colorful on it's own, but they do fit in almost any interior!

Tibetan items

Our company has been trading Tibetan furniture since many years.
While before there were still more authentic pieces or even antique items straight from the Himalaya, we saw gradually more and more reproduction.

tibetan bedside cabinetThis brought with it that also the sizes of the items become more practical (even TV cabinets).
The real Tibetan furniture was more of a (too) large trunk, with sometimes small doors. And besides that there was a lot of deco, without practical use (except religious).

And of course drums. Not a best seller, because who wants to put a big drum in his living room?

Each cabinet can be a piece of art in itself. So the painters also produced some nice wall hangings, representing tigers, landscapes, old people... or the Potala in Lahsa.
tibet tiger painting furniture deco

Another craft from Tibet are the rugs, made of wool. usually as small as 1 by 0.6m. The industry later-on produced larger versions.

tibetan cabinet silverLast but not least there's the silverware and jewelry. We actually call it "Tibetan Silver", which is actually an alloy with very little silver in it, in science they actually call it "white brass". It quickly oxidizes leaving blue-ish marks.
Some pieces of furniture have such silverware decoration in it.

And then I've not mentioned yet: the traditional clothing and textile, tangka's and silk.